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The Literary Edit is a blog that focuses on reading more, reading diversely, and reading critically. It contains articles on literature and culture. 

Several hours go into researching content for this blog and I (more about me below) try my best to create quality content that is relevant to contemporary discussions. However, I am not all-knowing and significantly depend on comments and constructive feedback. 

The Writer

I am Nidhi Mahajan. I have an undergraduate and a postgraduate (Master of Arts) degree in English Literature. I currently work in digital media. My interests include contemporary literature, history, postcolonial studies, queer narratives, and conversation.

My book reviews have been published in The Quint, Scroll, The Delhi Walla, and more. My research paper on Derek Walcott's poetry has been published in Inquiries Journal. You can find some of my published articles here.

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